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This is not a page to report crime. This is for feedback on our officers. Please call 911 if reporting a crime, neighborhood concern, or any other public safety issue. 911 is not just for accidents and house's how we dispatch our officers to come talk to you, respond to someone breaking the law and take a report. You can call 911 for noise violations, speeding, illegal parking, etc. Dispatchers are trained to quickly route your call to the person best suited to address your concern. You may also call our Administration Office during business hours at 919-553-4611.

The Clayton Police Department wants your feedback about our employees. We love hearing about the positive efforts we're making within the community and encourage you to celebrate those instances here.

Conversely, we investigate every complaint involving our employees in a fair and equitable manner while protecting your rights and those of our employees. Anonymous compliments or complaints are always accepted and investigated. However, if you would like to be contacted, please provide us with enough information so we may do so.

Compliments or complaints may be submitted by:

  • Talking directly to any Clayton Police Department employee
  • Using the online form below
  • Calling 919-553-4611 during business hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday
  • In-person or in writing:

Clayton Police Department
Attention: Chief of Police
315 E 2nd Street
Clayton, NC 27520

Complaints or Compliments

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