Sewer Maintenance

5 Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Sewer

Copy of 5 Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Sewer

You can obtain information on sewer lines in your area by visiting the website linked below.

Clayton, NC Water-Sewer

FOG: Fats, Oils, and Grease

Sewer lines can get clogged with foreign objects, like too much toilet paper, grease and oil. It can also be invaded by roots. The Town of Clayton wants to make sure that sewer mains flow free. While the Town of Clayton can check the Main Line for back-ups and clear that line, it is you, as the owner/resident, who are responsible for unclogging the sewer service line, which is the line that run from our main to your house. Periodic replacement of the service line may be necessary and must be completed by either through the Town or a licensed Utility Contractor.

Sewer clean outs are the property owner/resident's responsibility. It is a violation of the Town Ordinance to leave the cap off and let sewage out or rainwater into the service line. By maintaining your lines and clean out, you can help the Town provide better, consistent service. If, however, you have had a contractor check your lines and you feel the problem is at the sewer main, please call 919-553-1530 so that we can inspect the main lOctoberNovember Social Posts  (1)ines in the street.

For reference, DO NOT flush these items: 
FOG: fats, oils, and grease
Food scraps 
Paper towels 
Anything plastic 
Cotton swabs/balls 
Food wrappers 
Dental floss
Rubber gloves 
Flushable wipes (Yes, even though they say flushable, they don't break down.)

Fats, Oils & Grease Management